Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nature’s Best: The Oldest National Parks In The United States

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Early American explorers and geologists made historical breakthroughs with their discoveries of wild places. These national parks are part of the unique American heritage. These parks have seen seasons and generations change, yet their beauties are timeless.

Yellowstone was the first park to ever be founded in the United States. It was established on 1 March 1872 in Wyoming. Sequoia and Yosemite were the next two national parks, which are both situated in California.

Mount Rainier in Washington was given the title of national park in 1899. It is known for being the most glaciated park in the United States. Crater Lake was established next, in 1902. The park features forests, and is considered a spiritual place for Native American Indians. In 1903, Wind Cave in South Dakota was awarded the name of national park. It features long caves with hundreds of miles of explored natural areas.
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Mesa Verde in Colorado was the next park to be established, which features ancestral cliff dwellings of the Pueblo Indians from the sixth to twelfth centuries.

Glacier, Rocky Mountain, and Haleakala were established as national parks in the following decade. These parks offered various cultural experiences and other outdoor activities.

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  1. Crater lake would be great for summer. My friends will surely love the idea.

  2. The view from Mount Rainier was breathtaking!

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